People involved with telegraphs in some way.

People involved with telegraphs in some way and about whom information is conained in this site are:

People involved with Telegraph Departments:

Australia Sir Percy Brown.  
  Charles Kraegen Station master with talent.
New South Wales E. C. Cracknell Superintendent of Telegraphs
Queensland W. J. Cracknell General Superintendent of Telegraphs
South Australia Charles Todd Superintendent of Telegraphs and Government Astronomer.

Mr. R. W. M. Waddy

and his retirement in 1913

Messenger at Strathalbyn to Deputy Postmaster-General of Australia.
Victoria Samuel McGowan Superintendent of Telegraphs.
Western Australia James Fleming.  
  R. A. Sholl Postmaster-General (1889 - 1904).
  Mr. Alex Mackenzie Supervisor of line construction.
  William Graham Station Master at the Eyre Telegraph Station - after serving at Kadina, SA..


People involved in the construction of telegraph lines.

Knuckey, Richard Randall Overland Telegraph Line plus Port Augusta to Eucla (in SA) and Niagara to Lawless (in WA).
MacKenzie, Alex Responsible for surveying and constructing telegraph lines in the Mid West of Western Australia.
Pender, John Significantly involved in laying the Atlantic cable and later the cables to the Australian Colonies.
Price, Charles Denvers Responsible for the construction of the Eucla line and for the Geraldton-Roebourne telegraph line
Parish, Jonathan The overseer of the telegraphic construction on the Eucla line and in the Gascoyne/Pilbara regions of Western Australia.
Stuart, John McDouall Explorer and Surveyor in the Surveyor General's Office in South Australia


People involved in politics and their telegrams.

John Cain Premier of Victoria (3 terms from 1982 to 1990)
Ben Chifley Prime Minister of Australia (1945 - 1949)
John Curtain Prime Minister of Australia (1941 - 1945)
Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister of Australia (1975 - 1983).
Bob Hawke Prime Minister of Australia (1983 - 1991).
Harold Holt Prime Minister of Australia (1966 - 1967).
William (Billy) Hughes Prime Minister of Australia (3 terms - 1915 to 1923).
John G. Latham Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney General and Chief Justice.
Robert Menzies Prime Minister of Australia (1939-1941, 1949 - 1966).
Gough Whitlam Prime Minister of Australia (1972 - 1975).
Neville Wran Premier of N.S.W. (1976 to 1986).


Aussies at large.

Grahame Eadie Rugby League footballer for Manly Club, NSW.
Dame Nellie Melba The world famous and reknown opera singer.
Amy Johnson Pioneer Aviator (and wife of John Mollison).
John G. Mollison Pioneer Aviator (and husband of Amy Johnson).
Johnny Young Australian Singer.