Australia: 1856 - 1988.
Bibliography for New South Wales.


Capt. Martindale Lecture on the Electric Telegraph. Reprinted in the Empire 11 February 1858.
Excellent technical information of the working of the telegraph and the instruments.
Australia Post (1988) The History of the Sydney G.P.O.: the City's Centrepiece. Sydney: Hale & Ironmonger. Excellent review of the planning, building and use of the General Post Office in Sydney with references to the Chief Telegraph Office. A wide array of good historical photographs and drawings.
Laila Ellmoos General Post Office,
Dictionary of Sydney, 2008,, viewed 06 May 2013.

A short, succinct description of the Sydney Post Office..

Hancock, Barbara J. (1991) Australian Telegram Forms
& Envelopes, 2 Volumes: Philatelic Assoc. of New South Wales.
The pioneering work attempting to classify the field of telegrams in New South Wales. Has much relevant information about what was known in 1991 but time has enabled more to be collected and errors to be corrected. The emphasis is on Australia (Vol. 1) and New South Wales (Vol. 2). 200 copies were printed.
Hopson, N.C. & Tobin, R (1991-1998) Post, Receving, Telegraph & Telephone Offices: NSW & ACT. A monumental 4 volume inventory of the Post Offices and date stamps. Very complete for postal date stamps but incomplete for Telegraph date stamps.
Tambaroora   A most fabulous website which has great information and excellent pictures of the township and surrounds - including Picture # 14 of the Telegraph Office.