Overview of the construction of the telegraph lines.

The Electric Telegraph Office opened in 1861. Stations constructed during the three years of operation (1861-64) were:

Cape York: Extends from Somerset and Thursday Island in the north
to the Gulf line between Cardwell and Normanton and Burketown.

Telegraph offices on Cape York.

Qld sections

Gulf Line: Extends from Cardwell through Junction Creek to Normanton and Burketown.

Telegraph offices on the Gulf line.

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Central Section:

Extends below the Gulf line to the 18th parallel just above the line through Rockhampton to Longreach.

Telegraph offices in the Central Section.

East Coast lines:

All lines along the coast from Brisbane north to Cardwell.

Telegraph Offices along the East Coast.


Southern Section: Includes the Rockhampton to Longreach line and all below to the New South Wales border.

Telegraph Offices in the Southern Section.

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