Tasmania - Colonial: 1857 - 1900.
Inter-colonial telegrams from Tasmania.

There are some examples of transmission forms used to send a message to another Colony. Given that there are few used transmission forms available of any type, these inter-colonial forms are all very rare.

Examples known were sent to:


Transmission form (TC-TO-2) used at Greeponds on 24 July 1871 for a message to Melbourne.

Cost for the 15 words was 8 s 10d (including cable costs).

Transmission form (TC-TO-1C) used at Green Ponds on 24 October 1871 for a message sent to Melbourne.
Cost for the 10 words was 6 shillings.

The Tasmanian Times of 18 October 1870 reported in its LLOYD'S SALVAGE notes:
"The Benvenue from London for Penang, sunk about a mile and and a half inside the Owners Lightship. The raising of this cargo has been carried on by four gangs of divers and the whole of it has been recovered". The same source in its shipping news of 28 October 1871 reported: PORT PHILLIP HEADS - October 22 ship Benvenue, Glasgow".


Western Australia

Transmission form (TC-TO-3E) sent to Greenough in the Mid-West region of Westen Australia - no date.
Cost of the transmission was 4 shillings.
The message was transmitted via the Tasmanian cable and then through the Adelaide-Eucla-Perth intercolonial line.