Australia: 1917-1988.
Overview page of the Confirmatory Copy envelopes.

After the War, it became more common to telephone the receiver of a telegram, read the message and then post the telegram delivery form to confirm the message. Such a strategy expedited the delivery and reduced the need for many Telegram Messengers.

Instructional markings of many types and formats were applied to the forms and/or to the envelopes to indicate the delivery envelope contained a telegram which had been already telephoned to the nominated receiver.

In June 1952, the printing of special envelopes in which to post confirmatory copies of telephoned telegrams was announced in the Post Office Monthly Circular:

16. Special envelopes for Telegrams posted to Addresses: It has been decided to introduce special envelopes designated TG 65 BB printed in green ink with the words "TELEPHONED TELEGRAM - DELIVER BY POST" appearing in a slanted panel on the face of the new envelopes.

Arrangements have been made for supplies of TG 65 BB to be printed for use in this State but some time may elapse before supplies will be available.

When supplies of the new envelope are received, special action should be taken to ensure that only telegrams telephoned to addresses, for subsequent delivery by post, are enclosed in TG 65 BB." (N.303/12/1).

There were four main formats printed between 1952 and 1988 - there being no distinction between rates:

AW-EC-1. Opaque envelope printed in green on drab or fawn paper.

Form number TG 65 BB in TLC.

Has "TELEPHONED TELEGRAM ..." at left either boxed or unboxed and horizontal or at an angle.

AW-EC-2. Window envelope printed in green on cream paper.

Window has rounded ends and it is outlined with a thin green border.

Form number TG 65 BB in LLC.


AA-EC-3. Window envelope printed in green on white paper.

Window is rectangular with thick border.

Form number is TG 65H or TX 65H.


AW-EC-4. Window envelope printed in green on white paper.

Window is rectangular and unbordered.

Form number TX 65H in LLC.

Has "TELECOM AUSTRALIA" below window.