Australia: 1856 - 1988.
Bibliography for Tasmania.


Author Title References to telegraph information.
Branagan, J. G. (1987) The Story of the Bass Strait Submarine Telegraph Cable: 1859-1967, Launceston: Regal Publications (ISBN 0 949457 132). Very good reference with good information.
Clemente, John (1975) Hobart Postmarks: 1812 - 1901.
The American Philatelist, 89, 1, 35-42.
An excellent and detailed analysis of postmarks of all types used at Hobart.
Cooley, Thomas C. Railroading in Tasmania: 1868-1961, Hobart: L. Shea, Government Printer. Describes the development and problems faced by the railways in Tasmania. Special references to the Launceston & Western Railway and the Tasmanian Main Line Railway Company with the associated problems of the telegraph offices at various stations.
Masters, W.E. The Semaphore Telegraph System of Van Diemen's Land. 1949, Hobart: Cat and Fiddle Press.

Describes the nature and construction of the Semaphore system used in Tasmania from 1811. The most complete details are provided which are simply not available elsewhere. Information is included up to what remained up to about 1940 and the implications of the early developments for the telegraph system up to Worlds War 2.

An excellent but unfortunately difficult 46 page book to find.

Morris, William K. Summary of correspondence. An amazing summary of topics covered in letters written by William Knibb Morris from 1855 to about 1908. Detailed references to letters. Covers all aspects of Tasmanian life. A fabulous chronicle.