Telegrams used for special communications - depicted in humorous postcards.

From the late 1800s to about the 1940s, many postcards were printed with humorous references to telegrams. They addressed various themes and examples of these are shown below:

Concept of having telegrams.

Tell a woman
Tell 2
Used at Torquay 9 September 1912.

Delivery problems.

Sing 5 times
Gal getn to know  


Unfaithful husbands.

Meeting tonight Foreign affair
How to train
Country visitor
ParisSend a telegram to your wife that your affairs keep you in Paris. Important details
Pressure Inverell
Marry messenger
There were few messengers who dressed in this way.

Unfaithful wives.



Twins Henry


"Bad" personal news.

Mother coming

Other comments on telegrams.

What initials