Australia: 1917-1988.
Advertising using machine cancellations.

Advertising using post marks applied through machine cancellations was also part of the general overall strategy developed by Harry Brown. He saw post marks as yet another avenue through with the public could be made aware of the uses of telegrams.

Ten slogans were used over the period 1932 to 1974. They covered a variety of themes ranging from recommending general use of telegrams to using specific types of telegrams and services.

The general details of each slogan are provided below. Details of the types and formats of all the slogans analysed in the Census of just on 1500 slogans from 48 Post Offices throughout Australia at which one or more slogans were used can be accessed elsewhere.

The nature of the machines required the slogans to be 20 mm high. Details coming.

The slogans (in chronological order on release) are:

Send a Telegram.

The slogan was used throughout Australia from early April 1933 to 1939 - except in Western Australia where no example has been cited


Send Greetings by Telegram.

The slogan was used between 1932 and 1941.

Send Greet 1939
Send Birthday Greetings by Telegraph ...

The slogan was used between 1934 and 1941.

Birthday 1937
Convey Congratulations by Telegraph ...

The slogan was used between 26 January 1935 and 1941.

Congrats 1936
Happy Thoughts !
Christmas and New Year Greetings by Telegram.

The slogan was used between 24 June 1940 and 6 January 1941 and again in 1969.

Happy Thoughts
Telegrams Speedy, Reliable, Effective.

This slogan is the scarcest of all the telegram/telegraph related postmarks. It was released in 1940 but by about mid-1941, the PMG Department stopped using slogans because of World War 2. From then until about the early 1950s, 6 plain line box duplex was used instead of the slogans.

Teleg Speedy
100 Years celebration.

The day of issue of the Telegraph Centenary stamp was Wednesday 7 April 1954.

The slogan was used between
4 April 1954 and 19 September 1954.

100 years FDI
Overland Telegraph.

The day of issue of the Overland Telegraph stamp was Wednesday 22 August 1972.

The slogan was used between
22 August 1972 and 28 August.

Overland Centenary stamp issued 22 August 1972.
A Telegraphic Code Address ...

Used between 15 June 1961 and 13 September 1971 and again in 1974.

Teleg Code Sydney

Beam Wireless.

A very scarce postmark.

Used in Sydney 8 October 1930.