The Tasmanian - Victoria telegraph cables..
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Specific details about the Tasmania-Victoria telegraph cables are organised into the following categories:

  1. Planning for the 1859 cable;
  2. The 1859 cable;
    the King Island problems;
    nature of and responsibility for the breaks in the 1859 cable;
    the proposal to lease the cable;
  3. Subsequent cables;
  4. Cable operation and management;
  5. Telegraphic stationery - transmission and delivery forms;
  6. Strategies to deliver telegrams during interruptions;
  7. Cable rates;
  8. Cable ships - the H.M.C.S. Victoria and the Omeo.

  9. Selected background Reports about planning and constructing the cables across Bass Strait
    and many subsequent details are provided elsewhere - see the list of Reports included in this site.