Australia: 1861 - 1988.
Bibliography for Western Australia.


Author Title References to telegraph information.
Kimberly, Warren Bert History of West Australia: Chapter 21: The Goldfields. Excellent and detailed review of the ways the goldfields in Western Australia were discovered, developed and (in some cases) closed. Good detail of quantities extracted.
Pope, B. (ed) The Western Australia Study Group (1979) Western Australia: The Stamps and Postal History. Comprehensive descriptions of the subjects in the title.

Telegraph references are brief but see especially the entries on the Telegraph Stamps and the Embossed Telegraph form (p. 256-259) and the date stamps (p.141, 143 and 151).

Goulder, R & J. (2002) Western Australia: Postal Markings Compendium 2002 with Rariety Guide.

Excellent 50 page listing A-Z of the types of postmarks issued by each post office in Western Australia. Telegraph date stamps are listed as relevant. Best to refer to the most recent edition.

Also has a good review of the development of postmark formats under various contracts.

Stewart, John (2006) reproduced by ABC South-west WA Balbarrup Postal Services An excellent, brief and insightful account of the way some country postal services operated in the second half of the 1800s.
William, Dom Goveror Weld pushed the Telegraph. Excellent and succinct review of the early developments in Western Australia's telegraphic history published in the West Australian of 4 December 1954.