Australia: 1917-1988.
Markings on delivery envelopes when telegrams could not be delivered.

Delivery envelopes were marked in manuscript or handstamps:

Examples of these markings are provided below.

Office closed


Handstamp in violet applied to delivery envelope AB-EO-6A.

The Office in Little Collins Street was closed when the messenger arrived to deliver the telegram and so the telegram was returned to the Despatch Clerk at the Telegraph Office.

Used in the 1930s.


Manuscript CARDED 30/8

Annotation written on 30 August (year unknown) on delivery envelope AA-EO-18A.

The types of cards left to inform a recipient of a telegram are described elsewhere.


Telephoned Telegram.

Perhaps the most common of all handstamps applied to delivery envelopes.

This handstamp is known in a variety of fonts, sizes and formats.

Used from the 1940s.

Type AA-EO-18H.

Delayed telegram due to "plant failure".

Probably used about 1974.