Victoria: 1854-1900.
Listing of Telegraph Offices.

Telegraph Offices were opened according to the lines being completed and the demand being assessed in each area. When it was deemed an Office was needed, it was constructed - or sometimes just located in the same building as the Post Office - and an entry made in the Government Gazette. A typical example is that shown for Newstead at right.

A listing of Telegraph Offices in Victoria to about 1890 is shown below. Hyperlinks lead to further details about that office or to an overview of the Victorian lines.

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Newstead 1863
Victorian Government Gazette, Tuesday 3 November, page 1.
First letter of Office name. A B C D E F G H


A Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of Office Notes
  Abbotsford Suburban   1888
  Albert Park Suburban November 1883
  Alberton Gippsland   1889
  Alexandra Wood's Point December 1873
  Allansford Western Coast October 1882
  Allendale Donald Line February 1882
  Altona Southern Coast    
  Amherst Donald line October 1881
  Angler's Rest Gippsland May 1940 TO  
  Apollo Bay Otways   1885 CN from Krambruk in 1898.
  Apsley Cross-Country Western August 1882
  Ararat Horsham line November 1858
  Ararat Horsham line March 1878 RSC
  Arcadia Rushworth Branch February 1880 RSC
  Ascot Vale Suburban      
  Ashburton Suburban      
  Avenel North-eastern December 1872 RSC
  Avenel North-eastern November 1874
  Avoca Donald line - extn May 1859
  Avoca Donald line August 1878 RSC


B Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of Office Notes
  Bacchus March North Western October 1874
  Back Creek Donald line     CN to Talbot 14 February 1862.
  Bagshot Eucha line July 1883 RSC
  Bairnsdale Gippsland July 1869
  Balaclava Mornington October 1882 RSC
  Ballan North Western September 1874
  Ballarat 1st line December 1856
  Ballarat East North Western July 1879
  Ballarat West July 1863 RSC
  Balmoral CC Western October 1875
  Balwyn North Melbourne NE    
  Barfold Swan Hill    
  Barnawartha North-eastern January 1882
  Barrakee Wycheproof line January 1884 RSC  
  Bayswater Suburban NE        
  Beaconsfield Gippsland April 1879
  Bealiba Donald line September 1878 RSC
  Beaufort Horsham line March 1858
  Beaufort Horsham line August 1874 RSC
  Beechworth North-eastern January 1858 P&T
  Beechworth North-eastern August 1878 RSC
  Belfast Western Coast and
1st line to SA.
March 1858 CN from Port Fairy on 1 January 1854 but then CN back to Port Fairy on 20 July 1887.
  Bemm River Gippsland 28 August 1929 TO Upgraded to PO 1 July 1933. SW of Cann River.
  Benalla North-eastern May 1858 Junction for Wood's Point line.
  Benalla North-eastern August 1873 RSC
  Bendigo 1st line January 1857 CN from Sandhurst about June 1891
  Bentleigh Suburban   1928
  Berwick Gippsland March 1873
  Berwick Gippsland March 1878 RSC
  Bet Bet Donald line   1889    
  Beveridge   March 1883 RSC
  Birregurra Otways February 1874  
  Birregurra Otways July 1883 RSC Line had been constructed in 1878.
  Black Snake Creek Gippsland September 1936 TO  
  Boort Wycheproof line July 1883 RSC
  Boort Wycheproof line May 1884
  Boronia Suburban NE    
  Bowenvale Donald line January 1884
  Box Hill Suburban NE December 1882 RSC Lilydale branch.
  Brandy Creek Gippsland March 1877   Replaced by Buln Buln on 10 October 1892.
  Branxholme Portland-Ham Branch November 1875
  Branxholme   December 1882 RSC
  Bridgewater (on Loddon) Echuca Line (Inglewood Branch) June 1877 CN to Bridgewater about 1941.
  Bright Wahgunyah August 1867 CN from Morse's Creek in 1866.
  Brighton Suburban November 1872 P&T
  Brighton Beach Suburban October 1881 RSC
  Brighton East Suburban   1890 P&T
  Brighton North Suburban November 1881 RSC
  Brighton South Suburban   1890 P&T
  Broadford North-eastern May 1872 RSC
  Broadmeadows Suburban March 1880 TO  
  Brown Coal Mine Gippsland. July 1918? TO  
  Brunswick Suburban August 1872 P&T
  Bruthen Gippsland May 1880
  Buangor Horsham line August 1879 RSC
  Buchan Gippsland      
  Buln Buln Gippsland October 1892 Replaced Brandy Creek.
  Bundoora Melbourne NE      
  Buninyong Horsham October 1862 P&T  
  Bunyip Gippsland line November 1877 RSC
  Burrumbeet Horsham line August 1882 RSC
  Burwood Suburban      


C Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Camberwell Suburban        
  Camberwell RS Melbourne NE September 1883 RSC Lilydale Branch on Railway Circuit.
  Camperdown Western Coast October 1863
  Camperdown Western Coast July 1883 RSC
  Cann River Gippsland     TO 64 km ENE of Orbost. PO opened 1 July 1890.
  Canterbury Suburban      
  Cape Otway Otways September 1859
  Cape Schanck Mornington September 1861
  Caramut CC-Western March 1874
  Carboor Wahgunyah   c. 1913 TO Closed 11 September 1967.
19 km SW of Myrtleford.
  Carisbrook CC January 1861 RSC
  Carisbrook CC 6 March 1861
  Carlsruhe Swan Hill line March 1880 RSC
  Carlton Suburban February 1875
  Carlton South Suburban    
  Carnegie Suburban   1911
  Cashel North eastern May 1882 Goulburn Valley (Rushworth) branch
  Casterton CC-Western July 1865
  Castlemaine Swan Hill line January 1857
  Castlemaine Swan Hill line July 1863 RSC
  Caulfield Suburban December 1881  
  Caulfield R.S. Suburban   1914 RSC Telegraph Office reclassified as a Post Office about 1915. Closed about 1926.
  Caulfield East Suburban        
  Caulfield South Suburban        
  Caulfield Racecourse Suburban   1933   Closed about 1960.
  Charlton Wycheproof line January 1878
  Charlton Wycheproof line July 1883 RSC
  Cheltenham Suburban      
  Chewton Swan Hill (C branch) October 1872 P&T
  Chiltern Northern Eastern March 1861 CN from Black Dog Creek in 1853.
Has a branch line from Benalla.
  Chiltern North-eastern - extn December 1873 RSC
  Clayton Suburban      
  Clifton Hill Melbourne NE December 1883   Whittlesea Branch.
  Clunes Donald line February 1861
  Clunes Donald line August 1878 RSC
  Clyde Cowes      
  Coburg Suburban August 1873 CN from Pentridge 1870.
  Colac Western Coast August 1863
  Colac Western Coast August 1878 RSC
  Coldstream Melbourne NE line 1889 Has a TO date stamp. 4 km NE Lilydale.
  Coleraine CC-Western August 1867
  Collingwood Melbourne NE November 1865 On the Lilydale branch.
  Condah Portland-Ham branch August 1878 RSC
  Congupna Road January 1884 RSC
  Cope Cope Donald line February 1882 RSC
  Cowes Cowes December 1884  
  Cowwar June 1884 RSC
  Craigieburn November 1877 RSC
  Cranbourne Cowes Branch February 1877
  Creswick Donald line August 1859
  Creswick Donald line June 1880 RSC
  Cricket Ground Suburban      
  Cudgee West Coast line November 1878
  Cunninghame Gippsland October 1879 CN to Lakes Entrance Jan 1915.
  Customs House   August 1872  


D Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Dandenong Gippsland June 1871
  Dandenong Gippsland March 1879 RSC
  Darnum   December 1883 RSC
  Degraves Street Melbourne CBD July 1914 Replaced Commerce House on 19 November 1956;
replaced by Flinders Lane 29 August 1986.
  Daylesford Donald line August 1859
  Daylesford   February 1881 RSC
  Devenish   June 1884 RSC
  Dimboola Horsham line June 1880
  Dimboola   July 1882 RSC
  Dixie Western Coast      
  Donald Donald line July 1879 CN from Mount Jeffcott 1870.
  Donald Donald line June 1882 RSC
  Doncaster Melbourne NE      
  Donnybrook   August 1883 RSC
  Dromana Mornington Peninsula April 1875
  Drouin Gippsland February 1879
  Drouin   December 1881 RSC
  Drysdale Otways December 1879 RSC
  Drysdale Otways August 1882  
  Dunkeld CC - Western April 1877 RSC
  Dunolly Swan Hill line August 1859
  Dunolly Swan Hill line August 1878 RSC
  Durham Ox Swan Hill line June 1876


E Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Eaglehawk Swan Hill - Railway extn October 1871
  Eaglehawk Swan Hill line June 1882 RSC
  East Melbourne Surburban line August 1884  
  Eastern Market Jan 1880 CN to Bourke Street East in 1886
  Echuca Echuca (Northern) December 1858
  Echuca Echuca (Northern) June 1865 RSC
  Eddington   November 1884  
  Edenhope Apsley on CC Western August 1882
  Elaine Horsham line April 1875 PO CN from Mount Doran 1872.
  Eldorado North-eastern July 1871
  Elizabeth Street North Melbourne CBD August 1879  
  Elmore Echuca (Northern) June 1865 RSC
  Elphinstone April 1873 RSC
  Elsternwick Suburban November 1884
  Elsternwick Suburban December 1881 RSC
  Eltham Melbourne NE June 1877
  Elwood Suburban    
  Emerald Hill Suburban 8 February 1872 P&T Renamed South Melbourne on 21 November 1883.
Telegraph Office at Emerald Railway Station opened about 1909, was re-classified as a PO about 1915 and clased about 1916.
  Emu Donald August 1883 RSC
  Ensay Gippsland   1890 P&T About half way between Bairnsdale and Omeo.
  Essendon Suburban August 1878 RSC
  Eurack Western Coast July 1905 P&T Not previously listed. Has a TO date stamp.
  Euroa North-eastern August 1876 RSC
  Everton December 1883 RSC
  Exchange December 1880 TO TO December 1880; PO June 1891;
CN to Stock Exchange TO about 1893.
  Exhibition Building August 1880 TO Closed in 1881.


F Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Fairfield Suburban      
  Fernhill February 1883 RSC
  Ferntree Gully Melbourne NE   1889 RSC
  Fitzroy Suburban September 1877
  Fitzroy North Suburban April 1879
  Flemington Racetrack Suburban December 1876
  Flinders Mornington Pen. May 1869
  Flinders Street Melbourne CBD April 1879 RSC At Railway Station
  Flynn's Creek   November 1884 RSC
  Footscray Suburban October 1873
  Foster Gippsland April 1873 CN from Stockyard Creek in 1879.
  Frankston Mornington Pen. October 1880
  Frankston Mornington Pen. December 1882 RSC
  Fryerstown Swan Hill line - extn April 1872 P&T


G Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Gabo Island Gippsland   1909 TO TO only.
  Gaffney's Creek Woods Point May 1871
  Garvoc   August 1884
  Geelong 1st line December 1854
  Geelong   April 1862 RSC
  Gisborne Swan Hill line September 1883
  Gisborne   August 1884 RSC
  Glen Waverley Melbourne NE      
  Glen Wills Gippsland   1936 TO Destroyed by fire August 1959.
  Glenalbyn Swan Hill line.  
  Glenloth Wycheproof line November 1884 RSC
  Glengarry Gippsland line     CN 1 December 1884 from La Trobe R.S. which opened as a PO 1 January 1884.
  Glenorchy Horsham line September 1877
  Glenorchy Horsham line January 1879 RSC
  Glenrowan North-eastern August 1883 RSC
  Glenroy Suburban      
  Glenthompson CC-Western August 1878 RSC
  Goon Nure North Gippsland 19 February 1929   Closed 31 December 1939.
  Goorambat North eastern May 1884 RSC
  Goornong Echuca (Northern) line September 1877
  Gordons North Western March 1875
  Gordons   December 1882 RSC
  Goroke CC-Western   1890 P&T
  Grantville Cowes      
  Great Western Horsham line about 1909  
  Greensborough Melbourne NE Off Kangaroo Ground Branch.
  Guilford November 1878 RSC


H Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Hamilton CC-Western March 1861
  Hamilton CC-Western August 1878 RSC
  Harrietville Gippsland September 1884  
  Harrow CC-Western July 1875
  Hawthorn Melbourne NE July 1872 P&T Lilydale Branch
  Hawthorn Suburban December 1881 RSC
  Hawthorn West Suburban   1890 P&T
  Heathcote North-eastern October 1859
  Heidelberg Melbourne NE August 1876 On Kangaroo Ground branch
  Henty March 1884 RSC
  Hexham CC-Western April 1858
  Heyfield Gippsland November 1883 RSC
  Heywood Portland-Ham Branch July 1877
  Highton Southern Coast    
  Hobson's Bay Railway Station Melbourne CBD April 1879 Also known as Flinders Street.
  Homebush Donald line   1914?
  Homebush Lower Donald line January 1919 A Telegraph Office during the Receiving Office period.
  Homewood North Eastern 8 October 1894 P&T?  
  Horsham Horsham line January 1875
  Horsham Horsham line August 1879 RSC
  Hotel Victoria Surburban August 1893   Closed about 1919.
  Hotham Suburban June 1875
  Hotham Heights Gippsland 1 September 1926 TO Closed about 1970. 11km SE Harrietville.
Only two strikes recorded (Prestige September 2009 Lot 484 and Mossgreen March 2015 Lot 1588).
  Humevale Suburban NE 26 July 1927 TO Upgraded to PO June 1934; closed 31 March 1939.


I Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Inglewood Swan Hill line October 1861  
  Inglewood Swan Hill line August 1878 RSC
  Ivanhoe Melbourne NE August 1876 TO

On Kangaroo Ground branch.
Closed 1 February 1880.

Reopened at PO 1890.


J Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  James Gippsland 31 August 1921 TO RO c. 1902; TO 31 August 1921;
CN to Livingstone Valley 14 February1923.
N of Omeo.
  Jamieson Wood's Point June 1865  
  Jung Jung Horsham line September 1879 RSC


K Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Kangaroo Ground Melbourne NE February 1884  
  Kaniva Horsham line September 1882
  Keilor Road Station   November 1877 RSC Closed 15 Nov 1878; reopened March 1879.
  Kerang Swan Hill line August 1863
  Kew Suburban February 1875
  Kilmore North-eastern October 1857
  Kilmore (East) North-eastern September 1877 RSC
  Kingston   January 1883  
  Kinypaniel South Swan Hill line 15 September 1944 TO Closed 19 August 1952. 8 km ENE Korong Vale.
See Prestige 152 Lot 521.
  Knight   3 January 1925 TO TO 3 January 1925; PO 30 November 1925; closed 30 June 1941.
Two recorded examples of the date stamp.
  Korong Vale Wycheproof line May 1882 RSC
  Korumburra Gippsland      
  Koroit Western Coast September 1872 P&T
  Kowree CC Western 1 January 1917 TO CN from Maryvale.
Closed 30 November 1954.
  Krambruk Otways   1885 P&T CN to Apollo Bay in 1898.
  Kyabram Echuca line pre-Sept 1887 RSC In September 1887, advertisement for Mount Scobie Estate referenced the Railway Station and the Telegraph Office.
  Kyneton Swan Hill line April 1857
  Kyneton Swan Hill line July 1876 RSC


L Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Lady's Pass   14 September 1926 TO CN to Mount Camel 1 March 1959.
(11 km N Heathcote).
  Lake Rowan Wood's Point December 1882  
  Lake Tyers Gippsland     TO RO 1902; PO 1 July 1927; closed 26 February 1971.
  Lakes Entrance Gippsland CN from Cunninghame Jan 1915
  Lal Lal CC-Western - extn October 1880 RSC
  Lancefield May 1874 Between Kilmore & Kyneton (special line)
  Lancefield July 1881 RSC
  Lancefield Road July 1873 RSC
  Landing Place   1890   Listed in the 1890 Annual Report.
  Launching Place Melbourne NE (?) 1889 P&T
  Lang Lang Cowes      
  Lara February 1878 RSC
  Lauriston Swan Hill   1890 P&T
  Law Courts Melbourne CBD October 1884  
  Learmonth Horsham line May 1874
  Leichardt Inglewood Branch February 1884 RSC
  Leongatha Gippsland      
  Leonard's Hill Donald Line       P.O. opened 1 Nov. 1868;
closed 30 Oct 1971.
  Lethbridge   September 1883 RSC
  Lillimur   August 1883
  Lilydale Melbourne - NE (Lilydale Branch) July 1876
  Lilydale December 1882 RSC
  Linton CC-Western October 1868 TO
  Lismore   March 1884
  Little River 19 November 1862 RSC
  Little River September 1876
  Longwarry September 1884 RSC
  Longwood North-eastern November 1857 CN to Longwood East in 1890.
  Longwood North-eastern December 1880 RSC
  Lorne Otways January 1876
  Lubeck Horsham line August 1879 RSC
  Lyons Portland-Hamilton Branch 15 July 1918 TO PO opened 5 October1889; TO 15 July 1918; closed 5 July 1971. 20 km NW of Heywood.


M Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Macarthur CC-Western January 1880
  Macedon Swan Hill line June 1874 RSC CN from Black Forest 1870.
  Maffra Gippsland July 1875
  Majorca Donald line April 1870 P&T
  Maldon Swan Hill line August 1859
  Maldon   June 1884 RSC Also opened from about 1909 to about 1916.
  Mallacoota East Gippsland      
  Malmesbury Swan Hill line October 1865 Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Malmesbury R.S. Swan Hill line   c.1910 RSC Closed about 1916.
  Malvern Suburban January 1876
  Mangalore North-eastern February 1880 RSC A TO was also opened from 12 September 110 to about 1916.
  Mansfield Wood's Point November 1868
  Market Street Melbourne CBD August 1872
  Marlo Gippsland Pre 1916 TO R.O. 1902; PO 1 July 1927. Has a TO date stamp.
  Martin's Creek Gippsland February 1953 TO NNE of Orbost; closed 19 November 1966.
  Maryborough Donald line April 1859
  Maryborough Donald line July 1874 RSC
  McEvoy's Echuca 19 December 1951 TO RO 1902; PO 1 July 1927; TO 19 December 1951; closed 4 June 1952.
  Melbourne, CTO March 1854
  Melton North Western September 1877 Has a TO date stamp.
  Melton   June 1884 RSC
  Meredith Horsham line April 1875
  Merino CC-Western - extn May 1879
  Mildura Swan Hill    
  Milndale Cowes 1 July 1927 P&T Has a TO date stamp used in the Post Office period so presumably a P&T Office. Became a T.O. only on 1 August 1947 before closing on 31 May 1951.
  Mincha Swan Hill Has a TO date stamp.
  Miners Rest North-Western August 1885 TO 7 miles from Ballarat
  Mitcham Melbourne NE On the Lilydale branch.
  Mitiamo   August 1883 RSC
  Moe Gippsland January 1877
  Moe Gippsland line July 1878 RSC
  Moonee Ponds Suburban   1869?  
  Moorabbin Suburban May 1909   CN for PO from South Brighton
  Mooroolbark Melbourne NE       On the Lilydale branch.
  Mooroopna Goulburn Valley January 1880 RSC
  Morang Melbourne - NE (Whittlesea Branch) January 1880 TO
  Mordialloc Mornington Pen. August 1876
  Mordialloc Mornington Pen. January 1882 RSC
  Mornington Mornington Pen. March 1861 Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Mortlake CC-Western June 1864 Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Morwell Gippsland August 1879
  Morwell   January 1882 RSC
  Mount Best Gippsland 1 April 1957 TO RO about 1904; PO 1.7.1927; 1 strike recorded.
  Mount Blackwood August 1875
  Mount Egerton North Western January 1878
  Mount Moriac   August 1883 RSC
  Murchison Goulburn Valley December 1874
  Murchison Goulburn Valley February 1880 RSC
  Murrumbeena     1889  
  Murtoa Horsham December 1878 RSC
  Murtoa Horsham June 1880
  Myrniong North West February 1876 PO CN from Pentland Hills 1872.
  Myrtleford Wahgunyah May 1879 CN from Myrtle Creek 1871.
  Myrtleford   December 1883 RSC  
  Mysia Wycheproof line January 1884 RSC  


N Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Nagambie North Eastern (Rushworth Branch). January 1875
  Nagambie Goulburn Valley February 1880 RSC
  Naroghgid Western Coast     TO
  Natimuk   June 1884  
  Nayook Gippsland 16 August 1928 TO Closed Oct 1950.
  New Gisborne July 1873
  Newmarket Suburban - extn October 1874 RSC
  Newport Otways April 1862 RSC
  Newstead Swan Hill line - extn October 1863
  Newstead Swan Hill line - extn July 1874 RSC
  Newton-Scarsdale CC-Western     TO PO opened 12 November 1868.
  Nhill Horsham line January 1882
  Ninda Near Mallee. April 1918 TO RO 2 November 1922; TO 15 April 1918; RO 22 November 1922; PO 1 July 1927; TO 1 February 1958; closed 1 March 1967.
  Niddrie Suburban   1956 P&T CN from Keilor-East in 1956.
  Noble Park Gippsland       On the border of being classified as being on a suburban line.
  Northcote Melbourne NE August 1876 Whittlesea Branch.
  North Melbourne Suburban    
  Numurkah Goulburn Valley December 1882
  Numurkah   September 1881 RSC


O Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Oakleigh Gippsland September 1875  
  Oakleigh Gippsland August 1878 RSC
  Omeo Gippsland November 1879  
  Orbost Gippsland      


P Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Paaratte Western Coast   1938 TO TO c. 1938; PO 1.3.1945; TO 1.3.1963;
closed 22.6.1972.
  Pakenham Gippsland August 1877 Closed 27.2.1878; re-opened 15.9.1880)
  Pakenham Gippsland November 1877 RSC  
  Panmure   August 1884  
  Parkville   December 1883  
  Parliament Houses Melbourne CBD July 1884
  Paynesville Gippsland May 1885 TO
  Penshurst CC-Western January 1867
  Pheasant Creek Melbourne NE    
  Piggoreet CC-Western March 1875
  Pine Lodge Goulburn Valley    
  Pirron Yallock   August 1884 RSC
  Pittong   30 November 1925 TO RO 1 March 1916; PO 18 December 1924; TO 30 November 1925; closed 31 August 1954.
  Point Lonsdale Lookout station October 1861
  Pomborneit North Western Coast Has a TO date stamp.
  Porcupine Ridge Donald October 1929 TO TO only
  Port Albert Gippsland December 1864
  Portarlington Otways January 1882 TO
  Port Fairy 1st line to SA and Western Coast March 1858 Renamed from Belfast 20 July 1887.
Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Port Melbourne 1st line July 1855 CN from Sandridge 6 March 1884.
  Portland Western Coast February 1858
  Portland Western Coast August 1878 RSC
  Portsea Mornington Pen. January 1877
  Prahran Suburban August 1872 P&T
  Prahran   August 1882 RSC
  Preston Melbourne NE August 1876 On the Whittlesea branch. Has a TO date stamp.
  Prince's Bridge   July 1881 RSC
  Public Offices Melbourne CBD July 1884  
  Puckapunyal Mil. NE line (Heathcote Branch)      
  Pyramid Hill Swan Hill - railway extension February 1884 RSC


Q Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Quarantine Station Mornington Peninsula February 1874  
  Queenscliff 1st line January 1855  
  Queenscliff   July 1881 RSC
  Queensferry Cowes   1890 P&T


R Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Ravenswood Echuca 1929 TO Opened at the Railway Station 1889. Has a TO date stamp.
  Raywood Swan Hill - railway extension January 1883 RSC
  Reedy Creek North-eastern October 1882 TO
  Reservoir Suburban    
  Rialto Melbourne CBD    
  Richmond Suburban January 1872 P&T
  Richmond South Suburban April 1876 Receiving House.
  Riddell's Creek July 1876 TO
  Ringwood Suburban NE     RSC Lilydale branch.
  Robinvale Swan Hill July 1926 PO  
  Rochester Echuca line May 1875
  Rockbank North Western 1889 Opened at the Railway Station 1889. Has a TO date stamp.
  Rokewood CC-Western - extn September 1873
  Romsey Donald line May 1874
  Romsey July 1881 RSC
  Rosanna Melbourne NE      
  Rosedale Gippsland March 1867
  Rosedale   September 1882 RSC
  Rushworth Goulburn Valley December 1874
  Rutherglen Wahgunyah August 1862 25
  Rutherglen North-eastern - extn April 1879 RSC


S Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Sale Gippsland September 1864
  Sale Gippsland August 1878 RSC
  Sandhurst 1st line January 1857 CN to Bendigo about June 1891.
  Sandhurst Northern July 1863 RSC  
  Sandhurst Beehive   July 1882    
  Sandridge 1st line July 1855 CN to Port Melbourne on 6 March 1884.
  Sandridge West Sthn Coast  line March 1879
  San Remo Cowes    
  Scarsdale CC-Western September 1872 P&T
  Sebastian Swan Hill - railway extension June 1884 RSC
  Sebastopol CC-Western - extn January 1870 P&T
  Serpentine Creek Swan Hill line September 1873 TG Closed 3.2.1870; reopened 16.9.1873;
CN to Serpentine 1917.
  Seymour North-eastern June 1865
  Seymour North-eastern May 1872 RSC
  Shady Creek Gippsland line January 1871
  Shepparton Rushworth Branch October 1879
  Shepparton Rushworth Branch February 1880 RSC
  Skipton CC-Western September 1876
  Smeaton   February 1882
  Smythesdale CC-Western June 1863  
  Snake Valley CC-Western December 1883  
  Snapper Point   March 1861 Renamed Mornington in 1864.
  Sorrento Mornington Pen. February 1874
  South Geelong   21 April 1862 RSC
  South Melbourne Suburban 8 February 1872 Known as Emerald Hill until renamed South Melbourne
on 21 November 1883.
  South Melbourne   21 November 1881 RSC
  South Yarra Suburban August 1872 P&T
  South Yarra   December 1881 RSC
  Spencer Street Melbourne CBD October 1861 RSC Railway Station
  Springs November 1878 RSC
  Springvale Gippsland     So classified because the line from Dandenong was the beginning
of the line to Gippsland.
  St. Albans Suburban      
  St. Arnaud Donald January 1865
  St. Arnaud Donald March 1879 RSC
  St James Wood's Point September 1883 RSC
  St. Kilda Suburban February 1871
  St. Kilda West Suburban December 1878
  St. Kilda Railway Station Suburban December 1878
  Stawell Horsham line October 1861 CN from Quartz Reefs1870.
  Stawell Horsham line December 1877 RSC
  Stockyard Creek Gippsland line 25 April 1873 TO CN to Foster in 1879.
  Stock Exchange Melbourne CBD   1893 TO TO 1893; RO 1901; PO 1902; TO 1 September 1925;
closed 11 October 1968.
  Stoneyford Western Coast Has a TO date stamp.
  Stratford Gippsland line May 1873
  Streatham CC-Western July 1858
  Stuartmill Donald line December 1869 Closed 28 February 1879
  Sunbury February 1867 RSC
  Sunbury Volunteer Camp March 1877
  Sunshine Surburban    
  Surrey Hills Surburban    
  Swan Hill Swan Hill line April 1863 Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Swift's Creek Junction     1890  


T Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Tabberabbera Gippsland 31 August 1938 TO Closed 31 August 1966.
  Tabilk Goulburn Valley Branch of NE Line.   1889 Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Talbot Donald line December 1860 CN from Back Creek 14 February 1862.
  Tallangatta North-East November 1884
  Tallarook North-eastern November 1877 RSC
  Tallygaroopna Goulburn Valley Branch September 1881 RSC
  Tannahills Gippsland 16 September 1966 TO RO 1 August 1923; PO 1 July 1927; TO 16 September 1956;
closed 30 September 1965. 7 km Foster.
  Taradale Swan Hill line November 1861
  Tarnagulla Swan Hill line November 1860
  Tarraville Gippsland June 1877
  Tatura Goulburn Valley November 1882
  Tatura Goulburn Valley February 1880 RSC
  Terang Western Coast November 1871
  The Ridge Gippsland April 1923 TO SW of Bairnsdale.
  Thomastown Suburban
  Tidal River Camp Gippsland 26 December 1947 TO TO 26 Dec 1947; PO 1 Nov 1954; CN to Tidal River Jan 1964.
  Tongala Echuca line 1882 RSC
  Tonghi Creek Gippsland    
  Toolamba February 1880 RSC
  Toongabbie Gippsland May 1878 TO Closed 1884.
  Toongabbie November 1883 RSC
  Toora   1889  
  Toorak Suburban April 1884
  Tonghi Creek Gippsland     Has a TO date stamp.
  Tongio Gippsland      
  Tooradin Cowes      
  Trafalgar Gippsland October 1883
  Trafalgar Railway Station. Gippsland   1910 Closed about 1916.
  Tragowel Swan Hill May 1878 TO Has a TO date stamp.
  Traralgon Gippsland May 1875
  Traralgon Gippsland August 1878 RSC
  Treasury Melbourne CBD July 1884  
  Trentham July 1880 RSC
  Tungamah Woods Point April 1884  


U Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Upper Macedon July 1880


V Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Vaughan December 1878
  Violettown North-East line January 1877 RSC


W Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Wabdallah Horsham line May 1873
  Wahgunyah Wahgunyah February 1861
  Wahgunyah Wahgunyah March 1879 RSC
  Walhalla Gippsland line November 1870 P&T
  Wallan Wallan May 1872 RSC
  Walsh's Creek 13 February 1925 TO Closed 13 September 1939. 22 km ENE Warburton.
  Wal Wal Horsham line   1887 (?)  
  Wandong February 1883 RSC
  Wangaratta North-eastern July 1858
  Wangaratta North-eastern November 1873 RSC
  Warracknabeal Horsham line (extn)    
  Warragul Gippsland June 1881
  Warragul Gippsland March 1878 RSC
  Warrenheip September 1879 RSC
  Warrnambool Western Coast March 1858 Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Waterloo Gippsland January 1880 CN to Yarragon December 1883.
  Waterloo R.S. Gippsland August 1882
  Wedderburn Wycheproof line February 1876
  Wedderburn Road Wycheproof line July 1884 RSC
  Welshpool Gippsland   1890 P&T About 20 km east of Foster
  Werribee Otways April 1862 RSC
  Whittlesea Melbourne NE June 1879 On the Whittlesea branch.
Opened at the Railway Station 1889.
  Wickliffe Road   August 1884 RSC
  Williamstown 1st line March 1854
  Williamstown Junction April 1862 RSC
  Williamstown Pier January 1870 RSC
  Wilson's Promontory Gippsland April 1873 TO
  Winchelsea Otways February 1874
  Winchelsea Western Coast August 1878 RSC
  Windermere Horsham line. March 1884 RSC
  Windsor Suburban November 1881 RSC
  Wodonga North-eastern January 1858
  Wodonga North-eastern November 1873 RSC
  Woodend Swan Hill October 1861 RSC
  Wood's Point Wood's Point October 1865
  Wunghnu North Eastern
(Rushworth Branch).
  1890 P&T 7 km south of Numurkah.
Became a separate TO about 1910 and closed about 1916.
  Wycheproof Wycheproof line October 1883 RSC The name of the Post Office was changed to Moffat in 1884.
The office at the Railway Station was separate from about 190 to about 1916.
  Wychetella Wycheproof line July 1883 RSC
  Wunghnu   December 1881 RSC


Y Telegraph Office Line/Branch Opening date Type of office Notes
  Yackandandah Wahgunyah February 1861  
  Yan Yean Melbourne NE August 1879   On the Whittlesea branch.
  Yarragon Gippsland January 1880   Opened as Waterloo.
CN from Waterloo in
December 1883
  Yarragon South Gippsland December 1878  
  Yarram Yarram Gippsland July 1882    
  Yarrawonga Wood's Point September 1882    
  Yea North-eastern July 1879  
  Yea   November 1883 RSC
  Yendon March 1873 RSC



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