Charles Todd8
Built the Overland Telegraph - and supervised many other things!!2

Charles Todd

Charles Todd:

  • was born on 7 July 1826 as son of a grocer and tea merchant in Greenwich;
  • showed mathematical ability and was appointed as a supernumerary computer at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich;
  • was appointed as a junior assistant to Professor Challis at Cambridge;
  • was appointed as Superintendent of Telegraphs for South Australia and arrived with his wife Alice (nee Bell and after whom Alice Springs was named) aboard the Irene on 4 November 1855;
  • was appointed to the dual position of Postmaster-General and Superintendent of Telegraphs in 1870 following the decision to amalgamate the two Departments;
  • retired in 1905 from the Post and Telegraphs Department and in 1906 from the Observatory;
  • died of gangrene at his country home of Semaphore S.A. on 29 January 1910."Mount Barker" "telegraph line"&searchLimits=l-availability=y