Australia - Telegrams related to the Kelly gang.
The Aaron Sherritt shooting.

The context of this event is described elsewhere.




Used at Sydney 29 June 1880.

The telegram reads:

Dective Ward, Beechworth Police, telegrams "Watch party stuck up by Kelly Gang at six o'clock Saturday night. Aaron shot dead in the Hut he occupied by Joe Byrne. Fired seven shots into hut the bullets passing besides the Constables' heads


Page 2 (Reverse side) but owing to the position taken up by the outlaws the constabls could not return a single shot. They hadcuffed a German and tok him to the door. Made him call out Aaron for Byrne shot him in the eye. Next through the body. He fell dead. Never spoke. The gang then fired a volley through the house, They then attempted to burn down the house by breaking up a barrel.