Pacific Cable and its Board.
History to opening.

The development of telegraphic services in all countries had to address the vexed question of Government ownership versus private ownership. In the case of the telegraph, where boundaries of commerce, international entreupreneurship and information were operating as never before, this question developed new dimensions.

One of the most critical aspects was the role of the Eastern group of companies under the control of John Pender. As an excellent businessman, Pender wanted to control as much of the world's telgraph systems as possible. Many Governments opposed his ambitions with the view that, if Postal services were the domain of Governments, then so should be the Telegraphic Service.

The following 1881 cartoon and article provides an American view on the issue.

Scanned from Harpers Weekly: Journal of Civilisation, Saturday 12 February 1881: New York.

Death to Monopoly!
"Uncle Sam Hercules: That's right, my boy.
That's the way to crush him: and if you fail, I'll see what I can do".


Harpers col 1 Harpers col  2