Australia - International: Marconi.
From ship to shore delivery forms.

Marconi had the exclusive contract to provide wireless communication from ships (passenger, merchant, etc) to other ships and to and from shore stations. A range of forms were printed in England and used throughout the world.

These forms were used for the delivery of messages from a passenger on one ship to a passenger on another ship or to be posted at a port to a land address using one of the colourful ornamental delivery forms.

When delivery to a shore address was requested, the ship on which the transmission was initiated would generally telegraph the message to a ship closer to a port from which the message could be mailed to the recipient.

Cmas delivery Used ornamental Xmas Greetings delivery form.
19 December 1938.

Sent from the S.S.Comorin to the P&O S.S. Mooltan for postage to an address in South Brisbane.

Very rare item especially with the delivery envelope - only pair recorded.


NOTE: The Comorin caught fire on 6 March 1941 while on active service in the North Atlantic as an armed merchant cruiser. The fire could not be extinguished and so she was sunk the following day by the HMS Lincoln.

Xmas reverse Reverse side of the above delivery form showing details and addresses.
Envelope Delivery envelope for the above delivery ornamental form.

Cover is for the British Wireless Marine Service and is inscribed OCEAN LETTER.

The form was posted at Fremantle on 19 December 1938 when the S.S. Mooltan docked. It was posted air mail to Brisbane with the franking paying the 2d KG6 (die 2) domestic letter rate and the 3d KG6 (die 2) paying the airmail rate.

The stamps are cancelled with a PAQUEBOT slogal cancel.

Slogan A SEND GREETINGS BY TELEGRAM slogan cancellation is on the reverse side.