Australia - International - OTC.
Rates charged on international telegrams and telephone calls.

The OTC publicised its rates more than precious authorities had done. As part of their strategy, they issued pamphlets of varying sizes giving examples of the rates for international telegrams and for international telephone calls. As the OTC management spanned Australia's conversion to decimal currency, examples of pamphlets from pre-decimal currency years and from decimal currency years are shown below.

1. The £ s d rates.

Pre-dec cover
Front cover of the pre-decimal pamphlet.
Back cover of the pre-decimal pamphlet.
The COMPAC cable was opened to the public from 3 December 1963.


2. The decimal currency rates.

Cover Front cover for an OTC publicity pamphlet (undated) providing rates for some countries.

The overall measurements are:

  • folded: 152 × 101 mm;
  • opened: 152 × 302 mm.

The pamphlet was folded into three horizontal sections.

Rates 1
Rates 2

These two tables span all three sections horizontally (i.e. across 302 mm).
The following notes appeared under the two tables:

Reverse pages
The above scan covers the last two pages in the pamphlet.

A new tariff for international telegrams was introduced on 1 April 1983. All international telegrams were charged for at 30c per word. Urgent rate was double.