Australia - International.
Cable & Wireless - Inbound to England.

As noted elsewhere, one of the two Companies formed in 1928 to control telegraphic communication throughout the British Empire was Imperial and International Communications Limited. It was the technical part of the new operation and acquired the traffic undertakings, physical assets, rights, licences, etc of the respective telegraphic companies throughout the British Empire.

In 1934, it was renamed Cable & Wireless (Holdings) Ltd.

ICAC Melbourne to Manchester, U.K.
21 July 1933.

Form with IICL heading. Not used in Australia.

Amazing telegram with great historical significance in the Newspaper/Journalism field. The newspaper referenced was the Melbourne Evening Star which launched in 1933 during the Depression in comperition with The Herald. The Star was forced to close in 1936.

Sam Wells worked in the Melbourne Herald until 1933 when he left Australia to join the Manchester Daily Dispatch. At the outbreakof War in 1939, Wells returned to Australia and joined he Melbourne Herald as the principal cartoonist. In 1950, he took a job at the Age drawing sporting cartoons.

Wells' comment on the birth of Prince Charles published on 16 November 1948 by Melbourne Herald.