Western Australia - Colonial period: 1861-1900.
Details of the embossed image on transmission form WC-TO-2.

Preparing the embossed image.

After receiving the order, sent in July 1878, to prepare telegraph forms with an embossed image, De La Rue took a transfer from the original embossing of the Queen's head to engrave a die. From this, they made a punch and then a working die. There is one example of a die proof. There is also one example of a printer's proof.

The only recorded embossed die proof.
Size: 30 × 30 mm (proof only).

In black on glazed card.

Ex De La Rue Archives.
Prestige Philately 2006 Sale 123 Lot 503.
Dubois Collection, Corinphila Sale 332, June 2024 Lot 40486.


Proof or colour trial.
Has two horizontal defacing lines in pencil
(one across the chin and the other at the bottom of W).

Mounted on thick card and tied with a manuscript note.

Only example recorded.

Provenance: Kiddle.
Grosvenor Feb 2016 Sale Lot 87.

  Emb image
Detail of the embossed image taken from a single form.
Note the stop after AUSTRALIA is above the R.

Use of the indicium for postal purposes.

As with most situations like this, someone - either a philatelist trying to make a unique item or a user out to defraud the postal department of a few pennies - thought it exciting to cut out the indicium from the telegraph form and use it to pay postage costs.

Six examples are recorded - all sent from Fremantle.

To sydney Registered letter from Fremantle to Sydney
(4 July 1884).

Earliest recorded date for the postal use of the embossed image.

Provenance: Walkley.

Prestige Auctions 2010 Walkley Collection Lot 153.