Tasmania - Colonial period: 1857-1900.
Rates for sending telegrams within and beyond Tasmania.


Rates 1860-1874.  
Rates 1874-??  
TC-TO_3_rates Details to note:
  • Heading for the intra-colonial rates has been changed;
  • intra-tasmanian rates were unchanged;
  • basic rates (for 10 words) remained the same;
  • rates for telegrams up to and including 14 words were reduced;
  • rates for longer telegrams were increased.

In 188? the telegraph rates were reduced significantly:

Type of service Type of telegram Cost Longer messages Address
Inter-Tasmanian Public telegram 1/- (for 10 words and under) 1d per additional word.  
  Press telegram 1/6 (100 words and under) 6d per 50 words.  
Inter-colonial To Victoria 2/- (for 10 words and under) 2d per additional word. Address and signature must not exceed 10 words.
  To South Australia or NSW 3/- (for 10 words and under) 3d per additional word. As above.
  To Queensland or Western Australia 4/- (for 10 words and under) 4d per additional word. As above.
Beyond Australia To New Zealand 9/6 (for 10 words and under) 11d per additional word Address and signature charged as per word.
  To London 10/8 each word Words containing more than 10 letters count as 2 words. Address and signature charged for.

"Messages are forwarded from any of the stations on the main line of road to the surrounding districts at a moderate charge for porterage.

Messages will be delivered free of charge within one mile of the office; over that distance, cab or omnibus fare will be charged when incurred. When messages are delivered to ships away from the wharf, boat hire will be charged extra".