Tasmania - Colonial (Telegraph Department) period.
Administration envelopes: TC-EA-TD.

In 1894, the Telegraph Department merged with the Postal Department to form the Post and Telegraph Department.

Two types of envelope are therefore known - produced to support the respective administrations of the Telegraph Department:

  1. Colonial envelopes with the words TELEGRAPH DEPARTMENT;
  2. Interim-period envelopes with the words POST & TELEGRAPH DEPARTMENT.

Telegraph Department.

Has the return address in the lower left corner as Telegraph Department/ Tasmania.

The main heading at the top was On Public Service Only.

These envelopes also had a blue embossed crest of the Telegraph Department impressed into the flap on the reverse side.

Engraved by Hermann Dürre of Melbourne.


Die proof Probable die proof of the embossed design used on the flap.

Mounted on thin card.

Diameter: 21 mm.

Formats known are:

  1. registered cover;
  2. small plain cover;
  3. long covers.
TC-EA-1 TC-EA-1.

Hobart for local delivery.
Hobart duplex of
15 September 1893.

Also has an ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH Frank Stamp in violet.


  • has large red R in a circle in top left corner;
  • reverse flap has an embossed blue ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH crest.

Size: 79 mm × 135 mm.

Used: March 1887 to 31 October 1902.

TC-EA-1 seal  
Tel Dept
Addressed to the Telegraph Office at New Norfolk.

Hobart to New Norfolk
28 February 1895.

Used very soon after the merger.

Reverse TC-EA-1 (reverse).

Reverse side of the above administrative cover showing the beautiful heavily embossed flap decoration.