Australia - Brown years: 1923-1939.
Urgent rate delivery form: AB-DU-8.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number T.G. 42A.
Heading is
Message area: Blank - occupies 44% of the form.
Reverse side: One advertisement printed in blue.
Colours (text & form): Blue on pink paper.
Size of form overall: 126 × 199 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
Printed in November 1934.

Perth to Leederville (30 March 1940).

Has a rare oval date stamp.


  • has two thin lines around the advertising box in the top left corner.
AB-DU-8A rev AB-DU-8A (reverse).

Reverse side of the above delivery form.


  • single advertisement - for ATTRACTIVELY COLOURED ...;
  • image of Hermes is in a circle with an unshaded background.
Printed in November 1936.

Port Headland to Scarborough
(11 April 1928 - read 1938).


  • has one thin line around the advertising box in the top left corner.

Provenance: M. Brown.

AB-DU-8B rev Reverse side of the telegram to Scarborough shown above.


  • single advertisement - for ... ADVANTAGES OF A TELEPHONE ...;
  • image of Hermes is in an oval with an unshaded background and Hermes leaning forward;
  • the 1936 printing is also known with the "Register Valuable Mail" table of costs;
  • the 1937 printing is also known with the "Postal Precepts" advertisement with the vertcal oval Hernes;
  • the 1936 printing has the "Postal Precepts" advertisement.
AB-DU-8B env Very rare delivery envelope used to deliver the above DU-8B telegram. It is from the Western Australia Interim period. Very few known.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
DU-8A Sch. C1237 11/1934. 12 July 1936 at CTO Sydney (H). R
DU-8B Sch. C1672. 11/1936. 11 April 1928 (sic) - read 1938 -
at Scarborough, WA.


  Sch. C.1958.-11/1937. 20 October 1941 at Montrose, Vic. R
  Sch. C. 2233 - 11/1938. July 1941 Relief 14 in South Australia. R
  Sch. C. 2556 - 10.1939. 25 July 1941 at Canberra Telegraphs. R