Australia - Brown years: 1923-1939.
Urgent rate delivery form: AB-DU-3.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number E.T. No. 2A.
Heading is URGENT TELEGRAM in one line;
Message area: Blank - takes up only 46% of the form.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Pink paper but text colour varies.
Size of form overall: 127 × 202 mm.
Size of datestamp box: 26 × 32 mm.
Changed to a circular date stamp in third printing
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
DU-3APrinting date is not known but it is probably early 1923. AB-DU-3A.

Paddington to Leeton (relay at Wagga Wagga).
26 September 1924.


  • font is black;
  • no schedule number printed on form but it does have a Stores number on the right of St. 124;
  • letters in heading are thin and 5 mm high;
  • rectangular box for date stamp.

(Ebay August 2012 -
Kevin Tyerman).

Printed in November 1923.

Dalton to Bendigo
12 August 1924.


  • font is blue;
  • schedule number in lower left corner;
  • letters in heading are thicker than in the previous printing 5 mm high;
  • rectangular box for date stamp.

Bolton to Oatlands, Tas.
25 February 1927.


  • font is blue;
  • no schedule number;
  • letters in heading are thicker than for DU-3A and are
    5.4 mm high;
  • circular box for date stamp.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
3A St. 124 26 September 1926 at Wagga Wagga, NSW. RR
3B B1426/11.23. - C.17527. 12 August 1924 at T.O. Bendigo, Vic. RR
3C None. 25 February 1927 at Oatlands, Tas. RR