Victoria - Colonial period: 1854-1900.
Post Office Telegraphs ordinary rate delivery form VC-DO-9.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number E.T. No. 1.
Heading in sans serif capitals is
(137 mm wide).
No Crest or postal authority.
Message area: 32 boxes in 8 lines.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Blue on cream.
Size of form overall: 218 × 228 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
 It was during the issue of this format that the Post and Telegraphs Department issued the 12 June 1879 instruction that all telegrams for delivery should be marked with a date stamp of the receiving office.

The two telegrams shown here illustrate:

  1. the use of the usual post office canceller for Richmond in early 1880 - after the instruction but before the delivery of a special canceller for telegrams;
  2. the use on a telegram of the new canceller with the Belt and Buckle design. This use is the earliest recorded on a telegram.
VC-DO-9Printed August 1879. VC-DO-9.
Sydney to Richmond
2 February 1880.

Illustrates the use of the usual Post Office canceller on a telegram.


  • date begins "18--".


Printed May 1880.
Melbourne to Richmond
8 July 1880.

Illustrates the use of the new Belt & Buckle design canceller on a telegram - earliest recorded use of this date stamp design on a telegram.


  • date begins "--/--/188-".


Kelly An example of the use of this format.

Benalla to (Telegraph Branch) Melbourne.
29 June 1880.

Message reads:

"Ned Kelly in charge of your men leaves Benalla per train at nine this morning. He will be taken out at North Melbourne station. Have ambulance there to convey him to Melbourne gaol to which he is remanded. Keep this dark so that there may be no crowd or public excitement. Let it be believed that he will go on to Melbourne".


Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
DO-9 750,000 - 3/79 28 October 1879 at Richmond. NC
  750,000 - 8/79 2 February 1880 at Richmond. NC
  250,000 - 2/80 7 April 1880 at Richmond. NC
  250,000 - 5/80 8 July 1880 at Richmond. NC
  750,000 - 7/80 28 December 1880 at Richmond. NC
  750,000 - 10/80 8 March 1881 at Richmond. NC