Queensland - Colonial period: 1861-1901.
Ordinary rate delivery form: QC-DO-7

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: No form number.
ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH, QUEENSLAND in gothic font below Crest.
Message area: 12 rows of 5 boxes numbered to "60" on the left side.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Black on white.
Size of form overall: 218 × 199 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
  QC-DO-7A QC-DO-7A.

Rialto, Melbourne to Brisbane (Telegraph Branch/G.P.O.) of
8 April 1882.


  • has printed BRISBANE below space for address;
  • "Dated" is left of the "h" above and above the third column of message boxes;
  • at the left below the boxes is a small "2" in brackets -
    viz (2).
  7A Chalons
Provenance: Dave Elsmore.
Cumberland to Brisbane.
11 September 1891 at Telegraph Branch.

The two 2/6 Chalon stamps are affixed as revenues and are not paying the costs for transmission of the telegraph message.

Note also:

  • the form is a delivery form;
  • the Telegraph Branch date stamp shows the message arrived on 11 September 1891;
  • the cancellation on the franking is 23 September 1891.

The telegram was probably used as the authorisation to purchase the shares indicated and so attracted a 5/- stamp duty filing fee.

Provenance: Queensland Archives.

Benalla Railway to Brisbane.
28 June 1880.
Has a rare oval Electric Telegraph Office/Brisbane date stamp.

Very important Ned Kelly telegram informing that Ned Kelly had been apprehended and wounded with three other Kelly outlaws killed.


  • no receiving office name (Brisbane) printed on the form;
  • "Dated" is well left of the "h" above and at the extreme left of the third column of message boxes;
  DO-7BProvenance: Dave Elsmore. QC-DO-7C.

Brisbane to Herberton.
2 June 1887.
Rare Electric Telegraph Office oval date stamp (2A-BO7-ETO).


  • "Dated" is under the "h" above and above the third column of message boxes;
  • change of Crest so that the animals are now facing out - same as for QC-DU-2 and for delivery envelope QC-EO-5;
  • at the left below the boxes is a small "1" in brackets -
    viz (1).


6C base number
Number at the base under
the box numbers.

Note: Another form of type DO-7A has been seen in the Queensland Archives which has the right vertical line below the right side of the A in BRISBANE - so clearly a different printing.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
DO-7A None 8 April 1882 at Brisbane Telegraph Branch. RRR
DO-7B None 28 June 1880 at Brisbane Electric Telegraph Office. RRR
DO-7C (1) 2 June 1887 at Herberton Electric Telegraph Office. RRR