Australia - Establishment period: 1917-1922.
Ordinary rate transmission form AE-TO-

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number E.T. No. 1.
Message area: 30 boxes in 6 lines.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Black on white paper.
Size of form overall: 125 × 208 mm.
Size of datestamp box: 21 × 32 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:

Used transmission form to Sydney (no date).


  • has FOR SALE in top left corner;
  • Form number is E.T. No. 1.;
  • Cash Register entry in two lines;
  • five lines of text under TELEGRAM;
  • has reference to 500 pads in schedule number, lower left corner;
  • only one line for "FROM";
  • "Sender" information is in one line at the base.
Printed in December 1924.

Used transmission form to Melbourne from Avoca (no date).

Used transmission which is a copy of the transmitted form but no date recorded. Presumably used from Avoca, Tas. to Melbourne.


  • Form number is E.T. No. 1.;
  • Cash Register entry in one line;
  • four lines of text under TELEGRAM;
  • box for the Office Date Stamp at the right;
  • details span form without division below "Charges".
  • has two lines for FROM at base;
  • "Sender" information is grouped at right.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
2A 20053 500 pads - 4088 - St. 64 (37). Probably a NSW Stores Stock number.   RRR
2B B. 1103 / 12.24 - C.16587 - 800M.   RRR
  No. 433 (NSW Stores Stock number). (H)   RRR
  No stock or print number. (H)   RRR