Australia -South Australia/Northern Territory.
The Overland Telegraph Line - earliest recorded usage.


The earliest recorded form sent through the Overland Telegraph Line is shown below.

Eastern Feb 73

The message was sent from Sidney (sic - Sydney) to Bordeaux via Malta and Marseilles. It was received on 11 February 1873 - just less than 4 months after the submarine cable had been repaired by Eastern on 21 October 1872 and direct communications between Adelaide and England had commenced.

The formm is marked HURRY which presumably was the accepted alternative for URGENT.

It is an order for various alcohols to be sent to Noumea and

An extraordinary item - earlier by just over 6 months than the second earliest recorded date of 23 August 1873 - and again used by Curçier and Abet to order more drinks :)

A major South Australian delivery form - the earliest recorded as having used the Overland Telegraph Line - is for a message from Melbourne via Glenelg (as a Repeater Station) to Heidelberg, Germany on 4 November 1876.