Telegraph Offices on the Islands - Cape Barren and Flinders Islands.

Telegraph Offices and Stations were established on Flinders Island and on Cape Barren Island. These are the largest two of the 78 islands making up the Furneaux group with Clark Island being the third largest. The group is located directly north of the north-east corner of Tasmania and 54 km from Cape Portland.

AWA constructed a Coastal Radio Station on Flinders Island. For date stamps and further information, see elsewhere.

Cape Barren Island

A Telegraph Office was opened in


  Cape B 1951
9 January 1951.


A Telegraph Office was opened in





Lady Barron

The Telegraph Office was opened in



The Telegraph Office was opened in

The usual postal date stamp was also used for telegraphic purposes. Loccota
29 August 1952.

Flinders Island.

The Telegraph Office was opened in ?? It closed during the first half of 1907 with the business being divided between Settlement Cove and Whitemark.

Flinders 1907
7 June 1907.
Type 1.

Rated: R.


Settlement Cove.

The Telegraph Office was opened in 1907 following the closure of Flinders Island office.

The office used the Flinders Island date stamp until a new type 2a date stamp (month in 2 letters, year in full) was prepared.

Earliest recorded use of the Settlement Cove canceller is 17 October 1908.


The Official Post Office with telegraphic facilities opened in the second half of 1902.


The first date stamp used had WHITE MARK as two words.

Size: 24 mm.

Rating: RRR.

Whitemark 1922
3 November 1922.

Used on AE-DO-1Ea.

A type 1 canceller was used at Whitemark from 15 December 1902. Whitemark 1951
26 November 1951.

Whitemark 1966
16 December 1966.

Used on AW-DO-10A (59).