South Australia - Colonial: 1856 -1900.
Telegraph offices in suburban Adelaide

The Telegraph Offices listed below are mainly those which are now regarded as being within the Adelaide suburban area - although they were not necessarily classified like that during the1800s. Offices such as Glenelg have however been assigned to the lines which were constructed from those places.

Adelaide Oval.

A Telegraph Office is listed as operating at the Adelaide Oval from 31 May 1933 to February 1964 but only during major sporting events. There is however firm evidence that the Office was opened in 1911 and at least the date stamp was in use in 1971.


The Office used an rubber oval date stamp with TELEGRAPH OFFICE at the top.

Very few examples of the date stamp are known.
Walker (2004, p. 23) shows an example used on 11 November

Size: 34 × 53 mm (e = 0.77).

AO 1971 on piece
29 January 1971.
Used on a form. Two other examples are recorded with this date:

1. on a Phonogram form.
2. an archival pair on plain paper.

Dry Creek.

Now an industrial suburb about 10 km north of Adelaide. It was originally known as Montague Village. It has been a garden village, the site for an explosives depot and the centre of an important and major wetlands area.

A Post Office was established at Dry Creek on 21 January 1850 but it was closed in 1852. After considerable agitation by the local community, the Post Office was re-opened later in 1852 but closed again in 1857. Finally a Telegraph Station was established in 1861 when the Post Office was again re-opened. The two Offices continued to operate until closed on 30 September 1907.

Post Office had also been opened at the Dry Creek Railway Station on 1 January 1884 and it continued to operate.

In April 1910, the Dry Creek offices were re-opened but with a change of name to Dry Creek Railway Station through an amalgamation of the buildings. The creation of a Telephone Office was also announced. Almost immediately, the name was again changed back to Dry Creek.

A squared circle date stamp was issued to the office at the Railway Station.

No telegram form has been seen used at either Office.

Dry Creek
12 February 1898.
Used during the Post Office period.

Hindley Street.

Opened as a Receiving House on 21 July 1851 but closed on 1 January 1861 when pillar boxes were erected in Adelaide City.

It re-opened as an Official Post and Telegraph Office when the office at the Adelaide Railway Station was closed on 25 January 1965. On 29 November 1996 the office was moved to the Station Arcade with the same name. On 24 April 1997, the name was changed to the Adelaide Station Arcade.

No special date stamp for Telegraph use in recorded.

One source indicates a slogan date stamp for the Overland Telegraph Centenary was used at Hindley Street but no example is recorded.


The Telegraph Office at Norwood opened on 26 April 1875.

The Parade in Norwood about 1915.
The Post & Telegraph Office - with the clock tower - is behind the tram.