Western Australia.
Telegraph lines in the Gascoyne.

The Gascoyne region of Western Australia is defined here, for purposes of describing line construction, as being the 600 km coastal region above Hamelein Pool and below Oslow and east about 500 km to a line below Roebourne and east of Gascoyne Junction. It is centered around the junction of the Gascoyne and Thomas rivers.


As noted previously, the Northampton to Geraldton line was constructed through the coastal part of the North West Region in the late 1870s to support lead mining and the shipments.

After the line to Geraldton was completed in 1873 and became operational in June 1874, there was a pause in activity before construction started to extend a separate line from Geraldton.

The resumed line went north to Hamelin Pool where the Flint Cliff Telegraph Office was opened in 1884 (later changing its name to Flagpole Landing).

Later in 1884, the line went north to Carnavon which had only been settled in 1876 as the centre of a major sheep grazing activity.

In 1885, major construction activity took the line further north from Carnarvon through Onslow and Fortescue in the Pilbara to Roebourne and nearby Cossack.