Victoria - Colonial period: 1854-1900.
Transmission form: VC-TO-2.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: No form number.
ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH, VICTORIA in straight line under the crest.
Message area: Blank.
Reverse side: Regulations and Conditions (14 listed - see below).
Colours (text & form): Red on dull blue paper.
Size of form overall: 173 × 212 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
VC-TO-2 VC-TO-2.

Message from Mount Martha to Melbourne (?).
26 December 1862.

Earliest recorded used Victorian transmission form.


Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
TO-2 None 26 December 1862 at Mount Martha. RRRR