Queensland - Colonial: 1860 -1900.
Original Documents including Annual Reports.

A large number of original documents are held by the developer which are important to reference to get precise details of a wide variety of aspects related to the development of the Telegraph service in Queensland.

The list below provides links to those Reports which have been uploaded to date to the site. If other Reports or Annual Reports for other years are required, please contact me.

Annual Reports.

  1. 1868 - Report from the Superintendent of Electric Telegraphs for the Condition of his Department.

Special purpose Reports.

Reports related to the Overland Telegraph Line and the Queensland alternative.

  1. 1870 - Queensland - Proposed Submarine and Land Telegraph between Singapore and the Australian Colonies (Further Correspondence Reflecting). June to Ocober 1870.
  2. 1871 - Overland Telegraph Lines in Queensland and South Australia (Correspondence relating to).
    Letters from Thos L. Murray-Prior and W. J. Cracknell.