Australia - Colonial: 1900-1917.
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Four of the Colonies paid an annual levy to support the construction and maintenance of the first line and later of the duplicate cable between Port Darwin and Penang. The basis of the levy was the number of people in the Colony.

In 1881, the Government of South Australia objected to the way the levy was imposed on the grouns that aboriginals were not included by Western Australia but were by the other three participating Colonies. I addition, South Australia had more aboriginals that the other Colonies and this was deemed to be unfair. Hence the basis was adjusted and South Australia received a reasonable reduction. See 1882 Annual Report for Victoria p. 18.



The batteries along the line were Meidnyer cells filled with solutions of copper sulphate and magnesium sulphate. The cells were made fro glass and were 25 cm tall and 15 cm in diameter. Each operated at 1.5 volts. The Overland Telegraph Line worked at 120 volts and so many cells were required. At Daly waters, for example, there were 350 cells and a section was renewed each week so that the replacement of all cells took four months.